The Sacred Rock of the Acropolis is one of the greatest travel destinations in the Balkan Peninsula. It’s home to the remnants of the sacred temple to Athena, the patron goddess of the city. Once you climb the Acropolis, there’s a wealth of ancient temples, theaters and other attractions nearby, let alone the stunning view of the city. A well-planned trip to Athens and the Acropolis can easily be the highlight of a trip to Southern Europe.


01How to reach the Acropolis

There are several ways to reach the Acropolis once you’re in Athens. Taxis are the easiest and most straightforward method to get directly to your destination. The best transit option is the use of the metro, which you can use to reach either the Acropolis station or the Monastiraki station. Your choice of station depends on whether you want to enter the Acropolis via the main entrance or the side entrance.

A beautiful shot of the Acropolis RobertBreitpaul / Getty Images