The Colosseum has stood tall since 70 AD, and hopefully isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Built by Emperor Vespasian, the complex has been in constant use over the centuries, first as an amphitheater dedicated to the gladiatorial spectacle, and later as a storage facility and makeshift shelter for the homeless. It's one of the Eternal City's most-visited monuments, and at 6-acres, one of the largest, so a little prep is in order before your first visit. Whether you're traveling solo or in a group, make sure you know all the tips to ensure a visit that's heavy on the inspiration and lighter on the perspiration.

01Getting there

The Colosseum has its own transit stop. piola666 / Getty Images

As one of the most popular destinations on the planet, Rome has a good public transportation system. Most flights arrive at Leonardo da Vinci or Ciampino airports, so connections to the central train and Metro are easy to catch from there. The Colosseum even has its own Metro stop, fittingly named Colosseo. There are great hotels and pensions in the immediate neighborhood but expect to travel a bit to visit Rome's other major sites such as the Vatican or the Trevi Fountain.