Hidden Japan - Tokushima
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Hidden Japan - Tokushima

Getaway Staff
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Not every traveler to Japan will make it to Tokushima Prefecture on the island of Shikoku. They may find themselves lured rather to the more famous attractions of Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka. While these visitor favorites have their undeniable charms, those wanting to experience more of Japan’s rich cultural offerings, as well as its natural beauty, should consider extending their itinerary. Steeped in history and tradition and boasting some of the wildest and most pristine regions in all of Japan, Tokushima is a must-see.

01 Where to find it

Accessible by road, rail, and air, Tokushima Prefecture is located on the eastern side of Shikoku, southwestern Japan, and is connected to the mainland by the Akashi-Kaikyo and Naruto Bridges. For first time travelers, a guide or pre-arranged tour is the best way to experience everything Tokushima has to offer.

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