When it comes to creation and cultivation, Fresno is one of the freshest places in California. The soil is rich enough to grow all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables, making it the perfect home for a few of the most luscious wineries the state has to offer. By late February and early March, wafts of apple, plum, and apricot blossoms are just a few of the delicious fragrances that make up The Blossom Trail. Whether you’re biking or driving, it’s an unmistakable treat that attracts people from all over. For those who want to do something more lively, there are plenty of ways to party. From live performances to sports, you can do almost anything. Fresno’s eclectic vibe has something for your tastes and preferences. The only thing you need to be prepared for is booking another trip because you didn’t get to see it all the first time.


01Roeding Park

Just east of Highway 99, you'll find Roeding Park. The city park was designated a historic place in July 2009 and is the 90-acre home to groves of deciduous and coniferous trees, such as redwood, maple, and ash. There are picnic areas and tennis courts for those who fancy a friendly match, but one of the main attractions is the Chaffee Zoo; it's almost 40 acres and is home to nearly 200 animal species.

Male lion resting.