DR Congo, more formally known as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is a Central African nation that was previously known as Zaire. As the second-largest country in all of Africa, it boasts diverse landscapes and cultures. It has not been without its problems, including considerable political unrest and crime. In fact, many nations, including the U.S., have issued travel warnings for all or parts of DR Congo. If you do visit, be sure to exercise the recommended precautions. The nation features many extraordinary attractions that range from dense jungle to volcanic peaks.


Kinshasa Skyline and the Congo River. mtcurado / Getty Images

The capital of Congo, Kinshasa, is also the nation’s most populous city with its more than 10 million residents. Founded as a trading post by Henry Stanley in 1881, the city has transformed from a fishing village to Africa’s third-largest metropolitan area. When visiting the city, you’ll want to check out attractions such as the city market of Marche des Voleurs, the national stadium, and the University of Kinshasa. Be sure to enjoy the city’s famed BBQ, which is often served by vendors along the Congo River.