India houses the oldest civilization in history, and some believe it contains the oldest continually surviving city. But besides being ancient, India is the world's largest cultural melting pot. The country is home to innumerable subcultures that put a unique twist on Indian culture, cuisine, and traditions. Its rich colonial history and the blend of European influences also remain to this day. In all, India is an extremely popular travel destination for good reasons.


01Beautiful, Historic Delhi

Delhi is one of the largest storied cities in the world. You can start your trip with a visit to New Delhi, the urban district that serves as the capital of India. Then, you can head to Humayun's Tomb, an important part of Indian cultural and architectural history. The four-centuries-old UNESCO heritage site is a stunning feat of design and the first major product of red sandstone construction. A short bus trip out of the urban center takes you to the National Zoological Park, India's national zoo. It boasts an incredible diversity of wildlife from across India, housed in spacious enclosures.

The main bazaar in New Delhi hadynyah / Getty Images