If you're planning a vacation in the glorious South, there are lots of things to do in Kentucky that makes it a great spot to choose. Although the Bluegrass State lives up to its reputation by providing ample opportunities to drink Bourbon and see horses, there's much more going on than that. Kentucky has everything from stunningly expansive state parks to intriguing shadows of the Civil War. It’s a true one-of-a-kind state that welcomes its visitors with the same charm and open arms as it does its locals. More than that, plenty of its best attractions require little-to-no cash.


01Go on the Bourbon Trail

Bourbon and Kentucky go hand-in-hand the same way that California goes with stardom and New York, its swanky cocktails. It’s a place where the finest of bourbons are ready and waiting for the most staunch of connoisseurs. Not only that, but the nation’s drink has its own trail. The Kentucky Bourbon Trail consists of 10 different distilleries including Jim Beam and Wild Turkey. Those who take the trail will get learn about the bourbon-making process or even do tastings to find their ideal drink. The bourbon industry is once again booming and Kentucky is its beating heart.

kentucky burbon poster Photo by Timon Studler on Unsplash