Ancient monasteries and the world's largest wine cellars await in Moldova. With a quiet landscape of lush forests, deep rivers, and hanging cliffs, Moldova is rich in religious monuments, medieval architecture, and churches that display unparalleled ingenuity. Nestled between Ukraine and Romania, Moldova has the quiet beauty of the European countryside, coupled with a deep, war-torn history. Take a journey down a less-traveled path and find the hidden treasures of Moldova.


01Tipova Cave Monastery

Consisting of three chambers, the Tipova Cave Monastery towers over the Dniester Riverbank. Cut out of the cliff, the oldest chamber dates back to the 11th century, with the newest built in the 15th century. The monastery has an active church and a small museum, with steps built into the rock face. At about 650 feet above the riverbank, the view of the Dniester is stunning.

tipova cave monastery Photo by Aggerr