Traveling abroad to unfamiliar destinations can be an enlightening and intriguing adventure. No matter what part of the world you decide to explore, understanding the local customs and tourist climate is crucial to a safe, enjoyable, and successful journey. Some countries offer unique and historically significant sites, but Western governments deem them unstable due to turmoil within the country. If you’re an experienced globetrotter who understands the intricacies and complexities of exploring a Middle Eastern country, you won’t find a more authentic destination than Yemen.


01The Old City of Sana’a

Few cities in the world are as ancient as this one. Locals say the Prophet Muhammad planned and helped build The Great Mosque of Sana’a here in the seventh century. Archaeologists discovered artifacts inside the mosque that support these claims. The mud-brick towers and buildings within the city pay homage to the craftsmanship and accomplishments of ancient master builders. Traditional building materials harmoniously reflect the local landscape.

old city sana'a yemen ugurhan / Getty Images