The story of Haiti is one of perseverance against overwhelming odds. Though it is the only nation in which a slave rebellion led to eventual freedom, natural disasters and crushing debt have plagued the island nation for years. Through all their challenges, however, the Haitians have managed to retain their unique culture. The country has focused their efforts in recent years on building up tourism, making Haiti a choice destination for those wanting a unique Caribbean experience. The national languages are French and Haitian Creole and not everyone speaks English — plan to study up or hire a translator!


01Hike to La Citadelle La Ferrière

The trail starts in the small town of Milot, where local guides are available for hire, and winds for seven arduous miles up the Bonnet a L'Eveque mountain. It ends at one of the largest stone fortresses in the Americas; La Citadelle La Ferrière was built by successful rebels to defend against French retaliation. Visitors are welcome to explore soaring stone walls, which once held up to 400 cannons, and take selfies against the breathtaking backdrops.

Citadelle La Ferrière Haiti Caribbean