It's best not to judge a country by its size. Lithuania may be small, but its beauty begins along the Baltic Sea for those seeking outdoor adventures. Its urban centers provide an abundance of folk art and culture, and the country's local cuisine intertwines with a beer-brewing tradition that dates back to the 11th century. From sand dunes to skiing slopes, there are many great things to do and explore in Lithuania within the relatively small confines of its geographic borders.


01Soak at a Mineral Resort

One of the best things to do in Lithuania is to visit one of the mineral water resorts. The resorts have a long history in Lithuania, with the first treatment facility opening in 1587. The Druskininkai resort community is a mineral resort hub where you can experience the truly unique relaxation and healing properties of the water treatments, or ease yourself into a simmering moor mud bath.

Mineral Water Evaporation Park, Lithuania virsuziglis / Getty Images