When you're looking for your next exotic travel location, Ethiopia should be at the top of your choices. Ethiopia is a dynamic country with innumerable things to do, and countless unique experiences waiting for you. While Ethiopia has many beautiful cities and towns, there's also a thriving wilderness outside them.

For the historically inclined, Ethiopia is an extremely rich destination. The lands of Ethiopia have played host to many kingdoms and empires with roots dating back several thousands of years. Whether you love the city or it's the savanna you crave, Ethiopia is where you should book your next trip.


01Sleep Next to an Active Volcano at Erta Ale

Ethiopia's "smoking mountain" is in one of the hottest regions on the planet and is home to two lava lakes. In the local Afar language, the name means “gateway to hell.” Erta Ale has only recently become something of a tourist destination, due to the extreme conditions. You can reach Erta Ale by joining the trips that adventure tourist groups organize. You have three available options; helicopter, vehicle, and trekking.

Lava Lakes of Erta Ale guenterguni / Getty Images