The Republic of Mauritius can be a mystery to travelers. As one of the islands in the Indian Ocean, this jewel of a nation doesn't stand out on a map. Perfect for family vacations, romantic getaways, or solo adventures, Mauritius is steadily becoming a must-visit destination. Located off of the Eastern coast of Africa, Mauritius is a biodiverse wonderland with hundreds of rare native species. The people that make up the population are just as diverse. Mauritians are multilingual, multiethnic, and multireligious, having descended from Europeans, Asians, and Africans. Their vibrant culture is a testament to the resilience of the island and its community.

The Republic of Mauritius welcomes travelers with promises of gorgeous landscapes, exciting wildlife, and relaxed attitudes. To discover the true beauty of this island paradise, you'll have to see it for yourself.


01Visit the Bay that Inspired Generations of Surfers

Flic en Flac is a public beach on the west coast frequented by locals, and perfect for camping near serene, turquoise waters. After spending some time here, you can walk along the oceanside path to Tamarin Bay, once a best-kept secret amongst local surfers. That all changed after the classic 1974 surf documentary Forgotten Island of Santosha immortalized the spot as a surfer's haven. Mauritius gained instant fame in the surfing world for its 8-foot tall waves. Surf conditions have changed a bit in the decades since, but Tamarin Beach remains popular due to the fantastic views and gorgeous sunsets.

Big waves on Mauritius extremetravel / Getty Images