In recent years, Kosovo has become an increasingly popular tourist destination, and with good reason. Besides its many natural, architectural, and cultural spots to visit, the sheer friendliness of the Kosovan people will win you over. By traveling to Europe’s newest country, you can explore charming towns nestled among snowy mountains, deep caves with glittering stalagmites, a variety of wildlife, ancient ruins, 14th-century churches, and remarkable mosques. A trip to the Balkan Peninsula will provide you with the adventure of a lifetime.


01Gadime Cave

This remarkable marble cave is genuinely breathtaking. It contains crystallized stalagmites and stalactites that have formed over millions of years. Much of the cave system has yet to be explored, but the accessible areas provide a fantastic natural site for anyone adventurous enough to enter. Located about 12 miles from Kosovo’s capital city Pristina, Gadimë Cave is around 0.7 miles deep. At its lowest levels, you can see 25 beautiful lakes.

stalactite cave in Gadime, Kosovo dagmarxs / Getty Images