Located in East Africa just below the equator, Tanzania is the largest country on the continent. At 365,756 square miles, it’s twice the size of California. Tanzania boasts one of the most unique landscapes you will ever experience. Grasslands, forests, mountains and rock formations make up its varied ecosystem. Thirty percent of Tanzania is occupied by some of the biggest and best national parks in the world. They are home to 340 types of mammal and over 1000 species of bird. It is no wonder that Tanzania is a firm favorite for safari lovers.


01National Parks Make up 30 Percent of Tanzania

Nearly a third of Tanzania consists of 12 national parks, 13 reserves, and 38 protected regions. With over 4 million wild animals, they are home to the largest concentration of wildlife per square mile on the planet. The most famous of the parks has to be the Serengeti where more than 2 million large mammals roam its plains. Around 200,000 tourists visit the Serengeti every year to watch wild animals in their natural habitat. However, being 12,000 square miles, it's possible to avoid other visitors when on safari!