Big Ben and the Queen Elizabeth Clocktower stand majestically above the River Thames. They're among Britain's most iconic tourist attractions; every year, millions take snapshots of the tower and take tours in and around it. The rich history of Big Ben and the beautiful area surrounding it makes for a must-go destination during any visit to England.


01When's the Season?

Many travel destinations are especially suitable for one time of year or another. London has a mild, temperate climate with intermittent rainfall year-round, but the weather is relatively warm and dry during two periods. The first season is late March to early June, and the second is from September to November. Additionally, massive crowds gather to watch the final yearly countdown at midnight on New Year's Eve. Many regard these periods as the best occasions to visit Big Ben, but that also means they're the busiest times of the year.

Big Ben and Westminster Bridge around sunset vwalakte / Getty Images