The Solomon Islands are a group of hundreds of islands in the South Pacific. No matter where you look, there is incredible scenery to take in. Full of history, outdoor recreational opportunities, and of course, beaches, it's the perfect place for you to take your next vacation. Whether you choose to go hiking, check out the underwater creatures while scuba diving, or want to enjoy lots of lazy beach days, you're going to enjoy your time spent in the Solomon Islands.

01Spend the Afternoon Exploring Kennedy Island

Kennedy Island, Kasolo Island Photo by Nash Belarus

This is not only a gorgeous island full of magnificent views but also a historical spot--this is where John F. Kennedy swam ashore when his boat was destroyed by the Japanese in 1943. There are some memorabilia here to take a look at and absorb the history, but Kennedy Island is also a good place to go snorkeling, swimming, or to relax on the beach.