Rochester is a smaller city in New York that sits along the coast of Lake Ontario. If you haven’t heard of the city, you’ll be surprised to know it’s a nexus for international festivals and cultural centers. While many cities are famous for being cultural melting pots and hosting international events, you’ll be surprised by the unorthodox festivities in Rochester. After a busy day of learning things you’d have never expected to learn, you can treat yourself to the unique delicacies of Rochester cuisine.


01Learn everything you never Imagined About Games

Whether you’ve been playing games since Pong, you stay up all night playing the latest hit, or you love to relax playing Sim City, you’ll adore the International Center for the History of Electronic Games. It contains an impressive collection of all things videogames, including a game library numbering in the tens of thousands! The ICHEG also has information exhibits dedicated to the history of games throughout human history. You’re sure to learn all sorts of fascinating things about the roles that games have played in human history. It goes without saying that there are plenty of interactive exhibits!

An old Atari game system ideabug / Getty Images