The Northern Mariana Islands are a somewhat isolated group of isles in the Pacific Ocean located between Japan and the Philippines. The most popular islands—Saipan, Rota, and Tinian—played an important role in Japan during World War II. Bunkers and anti-aircraft weapons still sit on the islands today. The Northern Marianas have deep ties to the ancient past and to some of the most intense times in modern history. This is an ideal destination for beach bums, watersport enthusiasts, outdoor lovers, history buffs, and photographers alike.


01Managaha Island

Managaha Island is about a mile and a half off Saipan's west coast. It's uninhabited and primarily used as a day-trip destination from Saipan. Here, you can relax on the beach, snorkel, jet ski, or try parasailing. This island is also a great place to experience some of the northern Mariana's rich history. Managaha Island is officially recognized on the National Registry of Historic Places. It is home to the sacred burial ground of Chief Aghurubw, the legendary chief of the Carolinians, and contains many bunkers and anti-aircraft guns used by the Japanese in World War II.

Japanese World War ll canyon on the Island of Managaha, Mariana Islands, Micronesia. CampPhoto / Getty Images