Nestled among mountains and forests lies a charming and romantic city waiting to be discovered. There are plenty of things to do in Asheville, North Carolina, whether you're looking for a weekend retreat, an outdoor adventure or an immersive cultural experience.

Take a train and take in the scenery. Discover traditional craft work. Explore America's largest residence. Listen to the music of a banjo or a drum circle. Find your next favorite beer. Hike some of the East's highest mountains. Slide down a unique water slide. All this and more is available in delightful Asheville, North Carolina.


01Forget all Your Cares when You're Downtown

Stroll through the vibrant city of Asheville to get a real sense of place and history. Hop on LaZoom, the bright purple buses to learn some interesting and unique facts about the city's founding. Other options include trolleys and an urban walking tour. Do some shopping at the open-air Grove Market. Check out the Friday night drum circle downtown, a long-time Asheville staple. Brave ghosts and ghouls on the Haunted Ashville tour, which deposits you in the basement of a Masonic temple. Stop into fabled independent bookstores Malaprops and the Captain's Bookshelf.

Downtown Asheville Kruck20 / Getty Images