Tucked away in the American Midwest, Missouri has more bang for its buck in the tourism world than it first seems to. Sandwiched between Kansas and Kentucky, Missouri is awash with roaming, grassy plains and glossy, snowy peaks like those of the Ozark Mountains. From the jazz-prominent streets of downtown St. Louis - the same one Judy Garland sang about - to the abundance of stunning state parks, there are so many things to do in Missouri that truly capture the imagination.


01Explore the Missouri Botanical Gardens

Since its founding in the middle of the 19th Century, the Missouri Botanical Garden is America's oldest botanical garden that's still in operation. Covering almost 80 acres of land, this awe-inspiring St. Louis landmark has dozens of sections for you to admire. As well as an authentic Japanese garden and the tropical greenhouses of the Climatron and Linnean House, every year sees hundreds of special, seasonal events. The gardens are also the location of Henry Shaw, the founder's, country home. With its period furnishings and Victorian Garden, you can mix history with the finest of locations.

tulips missouri botanical gardens ksteffens / Getty Images