Virginia mixes city and countryside better than almost any state in the country. This unusual blend makes it stand out from the neighboring North Carolina and Maryland, both of which seem to be either one or the other. Virginia is also a unique historical state with ties to former presidents, war heroes, and a stronger connection to its past than anywhere else. There are tons of things to do in Virginia; some to teach us and others to take our breath away.


01Be Inspired By the Beauty of Lake Drummond

In the center of a marshy area called the Great Dismal Swamp is the crystal clear Lake Drummond. Virginia is home to just two natural lakes with Lake Drummond arguably being its pride and joy. Possibly the most interesting aspect of this strange, almost prehistoric land is that nobody actually knows how it was formed. There are plenty of theories surrounding it, from a meteor collision to the legendary Native American fire bird, but in ways, it's the mystery that adds to its allure. If you visit the lake, you can go boating, fishing, or canoeing. Or, if you want to stay on land, there are plenty of hiking trails surrounding the area.

Lake Drummond Virginia