Qatar is best known for its skyscrapers and malls, and for being a center of commerce and finance. While it's true that no trip to Qatar would be complete without stopping to marvel at the skyline and the incredible futuristic architecture, there's more to life than tall buildings. Qatar has its own art, nature, and history. Take a moment to head off the beaten track and see the side of Qatar that the locals wished more people would stop to appreciate.


01Doha Corniche

Nowhere is the juxtaposition of nature and architecture more apparent in Qatar than the Doah Corniche. On one side you have Corniche Street, home to numerous skyscrapers and modern developments. On the other, the picturesque waters of Doha Bay. It's a stark contrast, the towering glass and steel skyscrapers playing off against the clear open waters. Follow the Corniche to reach Rumaila Park, a quiet respite in the city.

Doha Corniche Lingbeek / Getty Images