Many destinations around the world offer a variety of options for visitors, but Panama is a country that provides more than that. Panama gives visitors authentic experiences and adventures. Many people choose to stay in Panama for only a short amount of time on their way to Colombia or Costa Rica and miss out on much of what the country has to show. Panama is a country that is full of history, culture, exotic wildlife, unique cuisine, and soul.


01The Canal

Though it may seem to be a bit of a cliche, there is no reason to visit Panama and then skip one of the world’s most historically significant sites. The Panama Canal is an engineering marvel that cut off almost 9,000 miles of travel for ships, transforming the face of global trade. Just 20 minutes outside of Panama City sits the Miraflores Visitor Center. This four-story interactive museum shows a short film and has a viewing deck for visitors to look out over the gigantic Miraflores locks. Individuals who wish to travel along the Panama Canal can purchase tickets for a guided tour.