Known as The Rebel County, Cork, Ireland is a city in the south-west of the island of Ireland. It was founded as a monastic settlement in around the 6th century CE and became a city in 1185. The second city and county of Ireland, Cork today it is a vibrant and charming city, full of history, arts, and culture. Not only that, but as you drive out into the surrounding countryside, you'll find some of the most beautiful landscapes, soaring mountains, and the start of the Wild Atlantic Way.


01Ballycotton Cliff Walk

For those who are fans of fresh air, sea waters, and getting to hike - this stretch along the coast of Ireland is an excellent opportunity to see the landscapes, wildlife, and rolling hills of south-west Ireland. A long-established walk, the area is well-kept and looked after, making it ideal for the whole family. The village of Ballycotton is also a fascinating place to visit. It's home to one of the oldest Lifeboat stations in Ireland, that opened in 1868. As you might expect from a lovely coastal town, there's also plenty of opportunity for fishing. At the pier, you can fish for mackerel and conger, and at the breakwater, you can find fish such as plaice, dabs, black sole, dogfish, codling, and mullet.