Have you been stuck in a traffic jam in Bangkok in a bike taxi, or marveled at the feat of engineering and longevity that is the Great Wall of China? If you've traveled to Asia, you know that these experiences are part of every adventure in this bustling continent. Asia’s beauty comes from its ability to transport you to ancient times while standing firmly in the modern era, making it one of the most visited continents in the world. As the world’s largest continent, it would take you many lifetimes to get the full experience. The bucket list travel suggestions may be endless, but there are a few places that will give you a glance into the past to help you better appreciate the present like no others.


01Rice Terraces in the Philippines

From a distance, the Philippine rice terraces look like static sea waves outlined by stone. These cordilleras were carved by farmers who manually created stone walls as floodwater catchments for the cultivation of rice. About 70 percent of these terraces are still in use, and some of those are designated UNESCO Heritage Sites for their stunning presentation, engineering, and irrigation, which helped sustain generations of farmers for centuries.

rice cordilleras philippines R.M. Nunes / Getty Images