Brussels is home to Belgian commerce and industry and the European Union. It is also the location of the Belgian royal family, culture-rich libraries and museums, elegant and quirky shopping districts and magnificent cathedrals. The capital of bilingual Belgium, it offers ready train access to other European cities: those of the Flemish-speaking west such as Bruges, and eastern, French-speaking cities like Liege. There are countless tourist attractions and things to do in Brussels including art, architecture, and history. Other guests focus on comics, the 1958 World's Fair and of course, Mannekin Pis.


01Grand Place (Grote Markt)

The Grand Place is Brussels' main square, one of the best-preserved in Europe. It was founded in the 11th century, gained a town hall at the opening of the 15th century and through centuries of politics and business acquired further buildings of elegant design. The town hall, built to be the envy of nearby Bruges, contains a capsule of Brussels history in the murals along the Escalier d'Honneur.

vichie81 / Getty Images