These attractions and places to visit in Colorado are much more than scenic: they represent the complex and fascinating history of this state that embraces the Rocky Mountains. Continental plate collisions brought the mountains into being and volcanic flows deposited rich veins of minerals which, when discovered by prospectors, attracted a large population from the east. Tropical seas, reptiles, dinosaurs, even glaciers and dunes, all made their mark on today's Colorado. Visitors can see evidence of all this and let their imaginations take them back millions of years to the formation of this diverse state.


01Mount Evans

Home to the highest paved road in North America at 14,130 feet, Mount Evans provides a panoramic view of Denver and the Front Range, along with an alpine environment of lakes, wind-twisted pine trees, and delicate plants and flowers. Mountain goats and bighorn sheep draw photographers and nature watchers. As with all destinations in the Colorado mountains, don't forget to acclimate to the high altitude.

milehightraveler / Getty Images