If you live in Toronto, you already know you're lucky living in such a fantastic city. What you might not know is how many cool things there are to do within a couple of hours of it. For the most part, city-dwellers don't tend to drive because they don't need to. In a province as full of nature, with breathtaking views around every corner, however, maybe they should. There's tons of beauty just waiting for you to see it, at all times of the year.

01Haute Goat


If you love goats as much as you love puns, checking out this 200-acre farm might be ideal for you. This exciting and unique farm is home to all kinds of adorable goats. Residents include Nigerian dwarf goats, aka the cutest goats in the world that are the star attraction. There are also alpacas and Icelandic horses. All of these are just over an hour from downtown Toronto. Furthermore, if you pay a little more, you'll get to cuddle and hug the goats as much as you like. And you can buy organic goats cheese even comes up.

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