Awash with culture and history, it's no surprise that the museums in D.C. are the best in the country. It is our nation's capital, after all. Few cities have museums so vast that have as much to offer as Washington, D.C. does. The district has dozens of free, fun, and family-friendly museums to visit. From the world-renowned Smithsonian—made up of nineteen museums and galleries—to the National Air & Space Museum, you'll find no shortage of influential and informative exhibits in D.C.

01National Air and Space Museum


One of the most sought-after experiences in D.C., the Air & Space museum tops to-do list year-after-year. Within three skylit galleries is a host of aircraft and spacecraft memorabilia. From Soviet-era missiles and space stations to a sample of moon rock, it has just about everything. You can learn about the history of jet aviation, of space travel, and communications all in one incredible place.