San Jose is situated in Silicon Valley making it a popular spot for tourists. From museums to restaurants there is something to keep everyone entertained when visiting. Touring the missions, temples and observatories are only a few of the fun things to do in San Jose. With places such as Santa Cruz, Pebble Beach, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe within driving distance, San Jose is a great base for all the adventures in the area. Steeped with Western history the city is abundant with architecture and charm of the old days.

01Children’s Discovery Museum

Children’s Discovery Museum

One of the great adventures awaiting children in San Jose is the Children’s Discovery Museum. Since its opening in 1990, this museum has entertained and enriched over 7 million people since. Growing regularly the museum is home to exhibits that will challenge and educate children of all ages and all walks of life. Well educated and friendly staff members eagerly work to create an exciting environment for children to learn.

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