Barcelona is the hub of Spain's Catalonia region and boasts a rich history, great food, and an abundance of art and architecture. Founded as a Roman city, Barcelona is now an important cultural center and tourist destination. Nestled against the water of the Balearic Sea, the famous buildings by architect Antoni Gaudí create an iconic skyline recognizable to people all over the globe. The city offers countless activities for tourists, including architecture tours, food and wine tasting, and taking in a flamenco show. Barcelona's mild winters and warm summers make the city an inviting destination year-round.


01Bike Tour Around the City

For the most comprehensive tour of Barcelona and its rich history, take a city bike tour. Companies such as Fat Tire Tours provide bike tours around the city that take you to the most popular attractions and historical landmarks. The tour guides are equipped with a breadth of knowledge of Barcelona and make learning history fun and interesting.

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